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Gas vs. Electric

Automobile Magazine  Apr 22, 2020

Aaron Gold Writer   Brandon Lim Photographer

1922 Detroit Electric Model 90 Coupe and a 1921 Ford Model T Touring Car.

1922 Detroit Electric Model 90 Coupe.

The Detroit Electric was positioned as a luxury car.

1922 Detroit Electric Model 90 Coupe.

The Model 90’s cabin is outfitted like an Edwardian sitting room, complete with plush carpet, drapes, flower vases, and what appears to be a well-stuffed love seat along the back wall. That’s the perch for the driver and her companion (electric cars were invariably marketed to women; Clara Ford, Henry’s wife, was one of Detroit Electric’s most prominent customers). There’s a cushy bucket seat up front which swivels toward the back seat for socializing, and a small padded stool for a fourth occupant. Eight giant windows—with curved glass in the corners, a novelty at the time—let in all the sunlight you can ask for. The two-tone paint finish, black over blue, looks deep enough to dive into.

1921 Model T

The Ford, on the other hand, feels stingy. The seats are simple affairs upholstered in a cloth-based imitation leather, and the wooden floor is covered with a rubber mat, a folding top but no side windows. There’s also no driver’s door, because why do you need one? Only rear passengers are allowed the extravagance of getting in and out of the car on whichever side they please. As for the paint, the only choice was black. Read more.

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