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Welcome to the Midnight Run 1932 blog which consists of research snippets in no particular order from the bootlegging and bank robbing era.

During the roaring 20’s there was plenty of money for the rich, a high demand for booze, and no legal supply.  This created the very profitable economic background for bootlegging.  The 1920’s were known  for wild speculation on Wall Street and a Republican political climate that resulted in a concentration of wealth in the upper one percent.  What followed was the 1929 stock market crash and the Great Depression.  Its effects left almost no one untouched.

The repeal of the Volstead Act in 1933, didn’t help end the depression but it did cause many unemployed bootleggers to become bank robbers.  Thus, one criminal opportunity seamlessly merged into the next; however, some of the faces in the headlines did change, “Goodbye Al Capone, hello John Dillinger.”

The novel –The Paradox of Innocence- follows the career of a little-known northern California bootlegger that in real life teamed up with Baby Face Nelson who was hiding out as a dairy hand in Santa Venetia just north of San Francisco. At the end of prohibition, the two transitioned from bootlegging to bank robbing eventually joining John Dillinger.

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