“Baby Face” Nelson

Nelson as a teenager

“Baby Face” Nelson was one of the killers in the bootlegging and prohibition era.  At age twelve, he was arrested for shooting another child in the jaw.  That act earned him a year in jail.  At age thirteen, he was again incarcerated.  This time he got eighteen months for car theft and joyriding.

Nelson quickly graduated to armed home invasions.  His next progression was a combination of home invasions and bank robberies sometimes with only a few days in between.  During the commission of his first botched robbery, the five foot four inch Nelson killed three people and wounded three more.   Days later he killed again.

Nelson now a killer

Nelson was apprehended, sent to prison, escaped, and headed west.  He ended up in Marin County and spent some time cooling off as a milker on one of the small dairy ranches in Santa Venetia.  Here he became involved in bootlegging in Marin and formed a lifelong friendship with a local Marin County boy named John Paul Chase (aka: Earl Butler).

At age twenty-five, Baby Face Nelson was mortally wounded from seventeen FBI bullets.  Chase was with Nelson when he died.

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