Dillinger’s Escape from Crown Point Jail

Sheriff Lillian Holley before Dillinger.




January 30, 1934 Dillinger arrives at Crown Point Jail and holds a press conference.




The escape proof jail at Crown Point.

Crown Point GarageDillinger’s escape route was through the jail’s kitchen, out the backdoor, a short walk in the backyard to the garage located on the left in this picture, and in the rear door of the garage.

March 3, 1934.

After Dillinger. Sheriff Lillian Holley, “If I ever see John Dillinger again, I’ll shoot him dead with my own gun. Don’t blame anyone else for this escape. Blame me. I have no political career ahead of me and I don’t care.”

Talk about stand up and be counted – Sheriff Lillian Holley is a person I respect. She lived to be 103 years old.

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